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Nana Technology Aiding Seniors at Home February 22, 2010

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Elderly people across the country are embracing a new technology that is helping seniors to stay at home.   A professor at the University of George Mason in Fairfax Virginia named Andrew Carle  has dubbed this technology “nana technology.”  Nana technology is a technology that is intended to improve the quality of  life for the elderly and is particularly being utilized by the baby boomers.

This new technology has different products out that are helping seniors stay independent including products geared to keeping seniors safe as well as healthy.

New Nana Technology


“Smart”  Pill Dispensers: Intel is developing pill dispensers that work with location sensors to give reminders to take medicine at the appropriate place and time.  Another company Aurora Health Care in Milwaukee has a dispenser that can be programmed to flash, speak reminders and dispense for up to six days.  This technology can help reduce the number of seniors who have a difficulty managing their medications.

Walking Aids: Walkers are being developed to steer clear of obstacles along with the capability of being retrieved by remote control.  This capability is important because it helps prevent seniors from getting hurt when trying to reach their walker.  Oregon Health and Science Center is developing a cane that can detect pressure as well as other warning signs and sounds an alarm when the user is in danger of falling.

Online Medicine Cabinet: Accenture has developed a online medicine cabinet that uses face recognition software.  This software tells you when you are taking the wrong pill and automatically orders a new prescription when needed.  It also has the capability to monitor vital signs.


Lifeline Pendant: This device is worn around the neck and with the pressing of a button a wireless signal is sent to a central office to dispatch help.  If someone has fallen, is having a heart attack, or needs medical assistance the simple push of a button can bring help to that person.

Tracking Systems: These devices are used typically for individuals who have Alzheimer’s who are at risk of getting lost.  Some of the more advanced systems can monitor social interaction as well.



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